Fraser Mclaughlan - personal training - UAE

I have been a lover of the Gym since I lifted my first weight at the age of 18. Since then, for the most part I have been in a gym around 5 days a week with the exception of holidays and injuries. No matter how many magazines I read or youtube clips I watched I couldn’t seem to achieve the look I had admired so much growing up. The lean beach body appearance! I met Shady through his website around 7 months and my life will never be the same from that day on. Shady mapped out my life for the following 6 months. He documented, when I had to train, how I had to train. He completely set out a whole diet  and supplement plan, he even taught me when was the best time to sleep! Although I had a decent basic knowledge on conditioning and nutrition I just had didn’t quite know when and where to use it. The most impressive part of my experience with shady was his versatility and after sales service. In the 6 month training programme he continually adjusted all aspects of my program as my body changed. With the knowledge he has given me I am very confident that I can keep my beach body all year round and on top of that, improve my physique even more without killing myself with overtraining. My body fat has reduced from 24% to  5% in 6 months and I have just finished a photo shoot for 2 very reputable UAE fitness magazines. Shady, I owe you a drink, or maybe a protein shake

Your Friend and Client
Fraser Mclaughlan - UAE




 Personal training Abu Dhabi, uae, , تدرÙب خاص, أب٠ظب٠, اÙØ¥Ùارات,أحÙد اÙسÙÙدÙ

I have trained with Trainer Shady Eid and he helped me improve my body to a whole different level.
I thank him for all his guidance and support
Ahmed Alswaidi - Abu Dhabi - UAE



khalid al fatimi - ,  Personal training Abu Dhabi, uae, , تدرÙب خاص, أب٠ظب٠, اÙØ¥Ùارات,أحÙد اÙسÙÙدÙ, خاÙد اÙÙØ·ÙÙÙ - تدرÙب شخصÙ

I am Khalid Al Fatimi, A national competitive Algerian bodybuilders.
I was lucky to meet Trainer Shady Eid through his unique website, which is benficial to all people whether you are beginner or advanced.
Shady is a trainer with lots of scientific and practical experience with Bodybuilding. I personally was trained by many European and arab trainer and champions, some of them even professionals now, but the result I got with Shady in the period of 4 months was great, 4 kg increase in pure lean mass with improvment in fitness as well.
Another thing that should be told about Shady, he is a very good person, friend and trainer, and he had a great positive effect on me especially with hard times during dieting, and thats rare with other trainers.
All I can say is we need more people like him to help improve the sport of bodybuilding in the arab world.
Khalid Al Fatimi - Algeria



Ùعتز اÙسÙÙÙرÙ
I’ve know shady for more than 8 years since the on campus time ,he always was a walking encyclopedia when it comes for bodybuilding, nutrition and steroids and how it should implemented ,we’ve trained as partner for 2 years and I own most of my knowledge in working out and supplement to him, he was keen to learn and know the latest in this field ,earring himself online certificates and we both had the chance to experience the latest and best of the supplement and material before any other people due his regular update and follow up to what is new and correct..
Shady my mate, friend and brother wish you all the best and am happy I can stay in touch with you through this productive meaningful site."

Motaz Samhouri - Jordan




My name is Yousef, I am working as a fitness and arts of war trainer in Italian homes. I got to know Captain Shady through his website. Captain Shady is brother and a dear friend to me, he is a wonderful person down to earth person, and has a sea of ââinformation to offer.
He provided me with all I need of information that was helpful for me to move on and get the first placing in competitons, and this is what makes me very proud to know him.
For me he is not only a coach but a Doctor of comprehensive scientific knowledge about the body and hormones.
I would recommend anyone interested in sport to follow site.

Yousef - Italy



 Ùراس اÙبجعة

I met Shady Eid in my vacation in Jordan and he was my first and best coach ever, he helped me with my training and nutrition advice and transformed my body, I gained more than 20 kg of muscle under his training, I still follow up with him for more improvments, regarding anything related to bodybuilding, he is the best.

Firas baja - UK



 Ø­Ø³Ù اÙزعابÙ

I'm Hassan Alzaabi, 27years old, my Hobbies are cars and bodybuilding, I have been training bodybuilding for 3 years, Shady Eid is my trainer, and after God, I owe my improvements to him. I hope I can keep improving and compete on national levels.
Hassan Alzaabi - Abu Dhabi - UAE



,  Personal training Abu Dhabi, uae, , تدرÙب خاص, أب٠ظب٠, اÙØ¥Ùارات,,صابر اÙشحÙ

Trainer Shady Eid is actually the best trainer who trained me, he is very nice and dedicated with all his client, he manage his time very training very good, and I dont like to train with anyone else, I feel comfortable training with him, and would love to thank him for all his work.
Saber Alshohi - UAE



 ÙØ­Ùد اÙÙحش

Shady is good trainer and good friend.He is not my personal trainer but he is my training partner .
I learned new execises from him and gained about 8 kg of muscles in a year since I started  trainning with him.
He has very good knowledge in anything related to bodybulding.Vitamins,supplements,exercises and anatomy.
I wish to see him Mr.Olymbia someday.

Mohammad Al Wahsh - UAE



احÙد شرÙ

Coach Shady is a good trainer and friend, and always encouraging me to go higher levers, and I cant describe how much knowledge and info he has, I take his advice in things I dont know, and his website has a great deal of information about everything on bodybuilding, nutrition and news. I always check it to be updated.
Ahmad Sharaf - Egypt



ÙارغرÙتا - جÙÙÙرÙØ© اÙدÙÙÙÙÙÙاÙ

My name is Margarita.
I've been working with Shady since June 2011. He design a great diet and workout plan for me and helped me lose my first 10 lbs in a diet that wouldn't be so restrictive and made me feel really happy and satisfied. By the first 4 weeks I lost lots and lots of fat. My cellulite disappeared considerably, for me, it was amazing! Went to the beach, and even though I wasn't the skinniest person I surely was the one with less cellulite and my buttocks and thighs (which are my weakest points) felt tight and strong.
More important than anything else, has been his support and motivation. He has always been there for me when I'm feeling low, and when I feel weak and just wanna give up, he has been there to push me, and to higher my self esteem with great emotional support. I will always be very greatful for the day I ran into you site Shady! Thanks!! Big hug! And I would definitely recommend everyone to work with him! You will surely never regret it! Nothing to lose but awhole lot to win!

Margarite - Dominican Republic




I have worked with Shady Eid personaly & Loved his experience in Training and scientific understanding of bodybuilding, nutrition and steroids. and I have benifited alot from him.
Even though I have worked with many champions before, but Coach Shady is unique with his scientific approach in everything related to bodybuilding.
I also thank him for his unique website with very high valuble detail information and wish him all the best in the future
Haithem Bonda - UAE



ÙØ­Ùد ÙاÙر

Trainer Shady Eid helped me in losing 5kg in just 10 days with his advices and guides on how to take special supplements to lose weight and tone up the body ,and force it to burn fat while maintaining the muscles mass.
Simply put Shady Eid is an encyclopedia about everything you want to know on supplements and steroids.
  Mohammed Maher - 17 years - Jordan




عÙاد ÙاخÙرÙ

To all the people who view this site… I   have been connected here from the beginning, I took all the information I needed to get bigger and better, captain shady is a wise man, he helped me achieve my goals, all u need is the guts to go through it, and be a member of this team, I nearly added 10 kg of lean muscle on my scale, I thank God first and thank captain shady for all the support he gave me, live strong, God bless.

Emad Fakhory – UAE




If it wasn't for this man I wouldn't have reached any gym results in my life :)
Thank you for coaching me and putting me on the right track

Moamen Sal - UAE



ÙÙس٠صÙÙص - Yousef sweiss

Im Swimming instructor Yousef Sweis and a collegue with Shady Eid.
would like to comment afew things about Shady Eid:
Trainer Shady Eid pays very special attention with his clients and helping them reaching their goals in a the best way. and he has the experience and the knowledge to help everyone reach their goals at the best time , whether its losing weight , gaining muscles , or specialized training for certain sport, like swimming , need specialised training in the gym to improve performance.and he gives that in the best way

Yousef Najib Sweis - UAE



Ùجد٠عبد اÙخاÙÙ

I'm Wajdi Abd AL Khalek from lebanon,21 years old , I started training on 1st of Jan 2009 and would like to thank trainer Shady Eid with helping me im improving my body , I gained 8 kg of pure muscles in 4 months and wish him all the best in all

Wajdi Abd Al Khalek - Lebanon



ÙØ­Ùد أب٠غÙØ´

Captain Shady Eid is a bro and a very good trainer, He knows all about training and Nutrition, for each individual, and depend on every body differencies, and goals,
I worked with Shady Eid for sometimes in training field and even though I'm a trainer myself I always seek his advice for his big experience in bodybuilding and fitness, Wish him all the best.

Mohammed Abu Ghosh - Jordan



Ùرسا٠خÙÙرة - Fursan Khwairah

I'm Fursan, 24 year..
I started bodybuilding on 7th July 2008, and I'm lucky to have Shady Eid as my first trainer. My goal was to reach my ideal weight with some muscles gain , to have well toned body , and honestly Shady transfomed my body 180 degree, and when I look at my old pics I always thank him.
Shady helped me raise my weight from 54kg to 70kg which is ideal weight for me and with my height.
As regarding his training , he was patient , always smiling , never make you feel down and appreciate the good trainee, and doesnt disapoint the bad ones,and with the time I spent with him , I gained alots of experiences, and now I'm able to give advices to people myself , as he teaches one how to train right for your own goal , unlike other trainers who dont take in consideration the differencies between people.
Fursan Khwaira - Jordan



ÙØ­Ùد ددÙ

Shady Eid had trained me for more than 6 months,I strated with him from scratch.
Shady helped me alot with my chest problem, Its the weakest body part for me , Shady was concentrating on building the shape, making it bigger and then filling up any blanks.
All in all it was great being trained by him , and we really miss him here in Jordan , he is one of the best coaches I ever met.

Mohammad Dado - Jordan



 Coach Shady Eid,
Everytime I used to go to the gym ( I only go for afew days and stop going ) , but when I trained with you it was different , I liked the way you helped me with training and how to do different types of training.
At the beginning I thought my body will never change , but after two months of training it totally changed me.But after you left Jordan till now no more training , I really hope you will come back to have back the best coach anybody can train with.
Anas Dimachkie - Jordan


عز ÙدÙرة

Coach shady is definitely one of the most enthusiastic coaches to train with! its not only makes the training fun! But, also makes it very enjoyable and beneficial! he is very knowledgeable with all kind of special trainings in case you had a problem with one of your muscles. All in all he makes you to become a gym addict. And he is also open to any kind of music if its gonna lead you train harder ( :P) . After having coach shady I diffidently became interested in going to the gym and build a better body!
Izz kaddoura – Canada



 Ø­Ø§Ø²Ù بÙدÙجÙ

Shady Eid… unlike other coaches he is not that coach who is hulk and muscular ONLY, he also knows how body works form a scientific point of view! He has his unique and effective way of coaching.
I have really had a great experience with you Shady, beside that I always felt safe when you were behind my bench.
Hazim M.Bondoqji - Jordan



ÙÙÙد ÙÙزر Ø®Ùاش

Coach shady has trained about 2 years ago, he was the best trainer I ever had and he really taught me a lot of things in bodybuilding, wish the best for you coach all the luck.

Waleed Monzer Khamash - Jordan



خاÙد عرجة اÙسعÙدÙØ©

My name is Khaled Arja, & I'm a friend for trainer Shady Eid since childhood, ever since we were little kids, he was alway special and determined in everything he do. At the Age of 15 or alittle more, he challenged himself and us to be a bodybuilder champion, & he did that, even with the many hard time he went through with his family, and financial issues.
By knowing Shady Eid, I can say he is a walking encyclopedia in bodybuilding, and he knows everything about it, and not just training
Khaled Arja - KSA

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